Achref, Piero (and Jacopo, of course!) partecipated to the new album by Giacomo Sferlazzo, Arrispigghiativi! 0 COPERTINA cd giacomo sferlazzo

Giacomo recorded a poem on Tajalyyat, so once again a circle is closed and another one just opened!

TAJALIYAT at Radio Popolare

Salut, Azul, sabah’l kheir, ciao, hello,

we’re not sleeping! just working in the backyard!

TAJALIYAT is still making appareances here and there – Alessandro Achilli played it on his show “Prospettive Musicali” on Radio Popolare Milano on march 19th 2017.

check it out! along with great great music!

2016 for Achref Chargui Trio

last 12 months for Achref Chargui trio included:
– concerts at Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie Livorno, Auditorium Flog Firenze, TrackZero Fasano, Tesla Molfetta, New Magazine jazz club Massafra, NOF jazz club Firenze, Antico Spedale del Bigallo Bagno a Ripoli, La Scighera Milano, Founoun al Bouharya festival Tunis, Lacio Drom Perugia, Eliogabalo Fasano, TimeZones Festival Bari, Rex Jazz club Firenze, La Terra Trema Festival Leoncavallo Milano
– release of the first official video RELAMPAGO NEGRO by Veronica Citi
– recording of the new album TAJALIYAT by Andrea Caprara
– recording of the first album of DARWISH AN NOUR (our electro side)
– filed two sessions for Ronze
– the release of the new album TAJALIYAT on cd gatefold
– radio plays and interviews on Controradio Firenze and Battiti/Rai 3
– one song on Il Natale è il 24 compilation by Radio 103 Baridec 2015
…. could be worst!!! happy 2017!!!